Food Microbiology and safety


Understanding the microbiology of products is fundamental to ensuring safety and avoiding spoilage.  IFR Extra offers a rapid, confidential and cost-effective way to address your microbiological problems.  Recently, our microbiologists have used their expertise to help customers improve the shelf life of foods, develop new processes and ingredients and work alongside our chemist and physicist colleagues to understand the microbiology of complex non-food products.  Working with the most modern facilities and equipment and with the back up of experts at the Institute of Food Research we offer a wide range of microbiological services.  These include food safety audits and consultancies, routine microbiological analysis, troubleshooting, shelf-life testing and short-term research projects. 

Our customers include small and large companies from both the food and non-food arena.  We aim for a fast response to all queries put to us, and will offer a fully costed written proposal before work begins.  We then maintain close contact with customers and work hard to develop good relationships as the contract develops and a report is given.




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